July 18, 2019

Alliance Announces Faith-Based Outreach Taskforce

August 9, 2012 – The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (Alliance) announces the formation of the Alliance Faith-Based Outreach Taskforce co-chaired by Jamey Schmitz, President & CEO at WLMB-TV 40 and Dr. Randy Weiss, managing partner, and president of Excellence In Christian Broadcasting and EICB-TV.

Other members of the Taskforce include Dr. Glenn Plummer, WLPC-TV 40 and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Christian Television Network; Annette Garcia, President and CEO of KCHF TV and Son Broadcasting;  and Grace Rendall, Vice President and General Manager at KSCE-TV.

“As new technologies are emerging, and our industry faces new threats, this unified Broadcasting Alliance is critically needed now more than ever,” according to Dr. Plummer. “What’s so wonderful about this Alliance is that it comprises broadcasters who are large & small, full & low power, black & white, Christian & non-Christian, along with Hispanics & other ethnicities. The time is NOW for The Alliance and I’m honored to be part of this fascinating group.”

“Many our programs as religious broadcasters are carried on stations that are independent or low-power,” according to Dr. Weiss. “With the current direction of legislation, these stations will be the first to disappear. This will eliminate access for many religious and minority programs.”

The Alliance is advocating a “Broadcast Overlay Plan” which would meet the growing needs of one-to-many distribution for wireless broadband as a partnering solution between broadcasters and wireless carriers. Copies of the Broadcast Overlay Presentation and Economic Report are available on the Alliance homepage at http://www.broadcastingalliance.org .


The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance, formerly the Coalition for Free TV and Broadband, is an industry organization comprised of low power television broadcasters, translators, full power television broadcasters and allied industry organizations and companies.  The goal of the Alliance is to preserve and promote the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum. Visit www.BroadcastingAlliance.org for more information and to join.