August 22, 2019

DTVCast Announces Technological Innovation to Deliver Broadband Internet by Television Broadcasters

DTVCast-Logo_topSunrise, Florida – DTVCast Corporation CEO John Kyle today announced the launch of a new revolutionary product that delivers broadband Internet by television broadcasters called DTVCast REACH. This technological advancement will allow for the availability of broadband services to an estimated 14 to 24 million Americans that currently do not have access to high speed Internet connectivity in rural America.

“We’re excited to roll out the first phase of DTVCast as an available solution for ‘last mile’ broadband Internet service,” says Kyle.  “Our technology has been operational by our daily beta users for a year and in testing for over two years. Unlike many future solutions, this product works within current TV broadcast standards, wireless and wired-line infrastructures. The goal of widespread rural deployment can be reached with our solution today.”

Unlike technologies that are still many years from deployment, DTVCast takes advantage of billions of dollars in infrastructure already in place including broadcast towers, transmitters and facilities.  The DTVCast system works within the current UHF Television ATSC 1.0 broadcast standard and will be easily updated as new standards become available such as the recently announced ATSC 3.0.

The prospects for near-term broadband services in rural regions has been bleak even as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues to relax funding rules for the programs that serve rural communities where broadband service is least likely to be available.

According to Jeff Leslie, president of ITS Telecom in Indiantown Florida, “In the rural areas of our community that we serve as a telecom company, it is cost prohibitive to run new fiber and infrastructure to serve only a handful of homes or businesses. This technology gives us a viable solution that could be a game changer for our rural community members.”

DTVCast REACH delivers the technology to provide rapid deployment of broadband Internet services to homes and businesses located beyond current broadband system infrastructures. The expense and time of building new infrastructure to handle rural regions is no longer an issue.

“From my perspective of seeing many leading edge IP technologies deployed from my years at Cisco, this is one of the most dynamic product designs I have had the opportunity to participate in,” says Bert Garriga, Senior Vice President of Technology for DTVCast. “This broadens the reach of high speed Internet services to any one that can view a TV signal using our technology. DTVCast is uniquely situated as a technological bridge between the TV Broadcast and Telco markets – two longstanding massive communications industries which have traditionally not interacted.”

DTVCast REACH is the first product in a series of related technologies that will allow broadcast television stations to deliver Internet content as an ancillary service in addition to their traditional broadcast television channel.


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