August 22, 2019

Niece of Chick-Fil-A Vice President Speaks Out

Niece of Chick-Fil-A Vice President Speaks Out

Don Perry, VP of Corporate Public Relations for Chick-Fil-A passed away last Friday and will be laid to rest today. His niece, Pastor Cassandra Sheppard speaks out against the hatred spewed against her uncle and his company.

Miami, FL.(August 1, 2012) – Today is not only Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day; it is also Don Perry Appreciation Day to his family. Don Perry worked at Chick-Fl-A for the past 29 years working his way up to vice president of corporate public relations. He recently suffered a heart attack and will be laid to rest today. In an ironic twist, he would have been responsible to handle the media firestorm that surrounds his beloved company today.

His niece, Pastor Cassandra Sheppard released a statement today:

“Today I’m saddened that my uncle is being laid to rest. He was the vice president of public relations for Chick-Fil-A. He was the first black corporate employee & administrator, and the one to bring the majority of the black administrators into the corporate offices of the company. The first black man to make seven figures in the company, he was there 29 years and died suddenly of a heart attack on Friday. Because he was the vice president of public relations, he was responsible for handling all media relations for the company, meaning he has had the stress of the gay marriage controversy. My family has had to see the blogs, hear the media, read the articles, saying he deserved to die because the company did not support gay marriage, but supported the biblical basis for marriage. He didn’t make the statement but was responsible for the reprisals from it. Today is national Support Chick-Fil-A Day. Please support the company by buying a sandwich, drink or something in honor of my uncle. It just happens to be the day of his burial as well.”
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