August 22, 2019

Television Coalition Against Multiple Spectrum Auctions

September 29, 2011 – In published reports, CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent says they now want to have multiple auctions.  The Coalition For Free TV and Broadband, which represents hundreds of TV stations across the U.S., believes that before Congress authorizes any auction, let alone multiple auctions, it should consider the following: Spectrum Auctions will directly take away the free airwaves from the American people and place it in the hands of a few wireless monopolies. Ironically, says Coalition Public Relations Director Lee Miller, “those same monopolies, represented by the CTIA, should lose all their tax loopholes and benefits that have allowed them to avoid billions in taxes each year-including one of their biggest members paying $0 tax in 2010.”

Miller continues, “The members of CTIA are asking Congress to confiscate the free airwaves and allow them to buy it with taxpayer money they got through loopholes they spent millions lobbying the same Congress to get.  Then they will turn around and charge the American public for the privilege of using the spectrum that they paid for through their tax dollars.”

Broadcasters have a better solution that will bring in more revenue to the federal government, create more jobs, solve the broadband crunch and won’t destroy 2000 television stations.  Miller concludes, “We would be happy to debate the CTIA and the FCC Chairman on this matter any time they wish.”

About the Coalition

The Coalition For Free TV and Broadband is a group of television broadcasters, concerned organizations, and individual citizens and has formed to ensure the survival of free television and to offer solutions to the nation for better, cheaper wireless broadband utilizing the broadcast industry.

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