August 22, 2019


MONTGOMERY, TEXAS – Elyce Rodewald and Kerry Lemon received the Outstanding Forestry Educators Award during the Texas Forestry Association’s (TFA) annual convention held Oct. 26-28, 2016 at La Torretta in Montgomery, Texas.

“Together, Elyce Rodewald and Kerry Lemon have built a model program for K-12 and adult education programming at Stephen F. Austin State University,” Ron Hufford, Executive Director of TFA, said.  Rodewald has been the Coordinator of Environmental Education Programming at SFA Gardens since 2001. Kerry Lemon retired at the end of this summer as Assistant Coordinator and was a long-time program volunteer before she came on as a staff members.

“Last year alone, over 8,000 adults were involved in their garden seminars, tours, monthly lecture series, and outreach events,” Hufford said. “Elyce and Kerry also emphasize the importance of family time in the outdoors, and have developed a successful series of Weekend Outdoor Adventures and Family Days.”

Rodewald, a graduate of Purdue University, and Lemon have also developed innovative children’s programming that focuses on the four seasons and introducing students to age-appropriate activities where they discover rocks, erosion and deposition, flowers, soil composition, and Texas’ native plants and ecosystems. The program also provided an opportunity for more than 80 SFA Elementary Education interns to introduce elementary students from across East Texas to science and nature through the annual Bugs, Bees, Butterflies, and Blossoms Festival. By the end of the school year, Rodewald says about 13,000 children have participated in the outdoor classroom.

“Innovative children’s programming is where Elyce and Kerry really shine,” Hufford said. “With so many great programs, including Pineywoods Camp, Elyce and Kerry have made a tremendous impact on so many.”
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Elyce Rodewald receives the Outstanding Forestry Educator Award for the work she and Kerry Lemon for their development of model programs that have educated thousands of students with hands-on experiments discovering native Texas ecosystems. She receives the award on behalf of Kerry Lemon from TFA Executive Director Ron Hufford.