October 22, 2019

Texas Forestry Association Recognizes Rep. Trent Ashby As 2017 Outstanding State Legislator Of The Year

LUFKIN, TEXAS – Texas Forestry Association (TFA) presented Rep. Trent Ashby with the Outstanding State Legislator of The Year award during the Association’s annual convent held Oct. 25-27, 2017, at The Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches, Texas.

“I am honored to present this award to a very dear friend of the forestry community and to one who is a TFA member” said Ron Hufford, Executive Director of TFA. “Rep. Trent Ashby is a leader in the Texas State House of Representatives and one who understands the issues facing rural Texas, the forestry community, and agriculture.”

The award was given to honor Rep. Ashby’s efforts in helping TFA secure a rule change in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s air quality rules for prescribed burning. He listened to the concerns of Certified Prescribed Burn Managers and with his leadership, and the support of his staff, we were successful in getting a rule change to support the future use of prescribed burning conducted by Certified and insured Prescribed Burn Managers.

“Rep. Ashby is an effective voice in Austin on rural issues that affect TFA Members,” Hufford said. “He has served in the past on several TFA Committees and his office is open to listen to the needs of our members. As a TFA member, he knows and understands the issues that affect private forest landowners and private business owners.”

State Representative Trent Ashby receives the Outstanding Legislator Of The Year Award from TFA Executive Director Ron Hufford during the association’s annual convention held at The Fredonia Hotel Oct 25-27, 2017.