August 22, 2019

Texas Representative James White Named Top Rated Conservative in Texas House

July 29, 2013 (MSGPR)  Texas Eagle Forum is pleased to announce that Rep. James White has earned a top conservative rating in the Texas House. Rep. White cast consistently conservative votes throughout the 83rd Texas Legislative Session and both Special Sessions.

Rep. White is a courageous defender of:

  • our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms,
  • smaller government benefiting every taxpayer,
  • integrity at the ballot box,
  • a great education for every child,
  • human life, both born and pre-born and
  • more.

“Rep. James White is a friend of conservatives on both fiscal and social issues. His conservative voting record sends a strong message to his constituents that he is in Austin to faithfully serve them,” stated Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum. “Rep. White’s upright character and integrity will provide him and his constituents a very bright future.”


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