August 22, 2019

Energy Consultants Offer Tips for Consumers to Save on Electrical Billing | Competitors offer 3% rebates to some that can be saving 30% or more.

(LUFKIN, TX) – MSG Energy, an independent Ambit Energy consultant, addressed the high bills consumers are experiencing all over Texas. A Fact Sheet has been put together to show consumers what to look out for when reviewing their electrical bill or when shopping for an electrical provider.

“Recent news reports and social media posting show that people are angry over the rates they are paying for electricity,” according to Lee Miller, Energy Consultant. ”For those in deregulated areas, there is an alternative to high rates by just knowing the facts and doing a bit of detective work when selecting a retail energy provider.”

The MSG Energy Fact Sheet points out many of the hidden items and questions that many consumers do not know to look for when selecting an Energy Retail Provider. From TDU charges to the gimmicks companies use to entice customers, many of these items bring extra undue financial burdens that multiply as weather extremes drive up kilowatt usage.

“So often the consumer is duped by special low introductory kilowatt rates or in rebate programs that only add up to 3% when they could be saving as much as 30% or receiving their electricity for free,” said Bryan Compton, Senior Consultant with Ambit Energy. “In most cases it takes less than five minutes for a customer to sign-up with Ambit Energy and start saving money. The switch over is seamless and is handled electronically in most places.”

Ambit Energy has the leading referral program in the industry allowing customers to receive free energy every month. By referring 15 friends or family members to Ambit Energy service, the company’s customers may become eligible to receive free energy every month. The program calculates the average dollar amount paid each month by the customer’s 15 referrals and apply that amount to the referring customer’s bill every month as long as a minimum of 15 customers are maintained.

Miller continues, “Our referral program is a huge cost saver adding up to a $1,000 a year or more in savings for customers that take advantage of the program. Not just a onetime payment or a free night here and there but a reduction in your bill every month. Along with an already low rate, this makes Ambit Energy unbeatable! We also offer businesses and large users reduced rates as well with no energy demand charges!”

In the spring of this year, MSG Energy through Ambit has the opportunity to introduce service to more than 1.1 million new potential customers by expanding into Virginia, New Hampshire and the Sharyland Utilities area of Texas. In the past year and a half, New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut and northern California have opened up and new service areas in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois have been added.

For more information about Ambit Energy’s rates and services, or about the opportunity to join the Ambit Energy team, visit or call (877) 631-8875. To download a copy of our “Tips on Reducing Your Electrical Billing” visit

About Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is a Dallas-based retail energy provider of electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the U.S., including regions of Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Named the fastest-growing private company in America for 2010 by Inc. magazine, Ambit Energy is focused on being the finest and most respected energy provider in the industry, offering cost-effective choices for today’s energy consumer.

About MSG Energy

MSG Energy is a Lufkin Texas based company serving as an Independent Ambit Energy Consultant. To inquire about energy services or to join the MSG Energy Team, email or visit for more information.


For more information, contact Lee Miller, or 1-877-631-8875


PEAK Logo with TaglineBethlehem, PA – Emmy® award winning The PEAK TV will now be seen nationally on the Doctor TV Channel. The PEAK TV is a thirty-minute newsmagazine focusing on health, wellness, lifestyle and community. Hosted by Ashley Russo and Mike Mittman, The PEAK TV is seen locally on WFMZ, Channel 69.

DrTV_SquareThe Doctor Television Channel (DrTV) is a network dedicated to bringing the latest in medical news, entertainment and health. The channel’s broad spectrum gives viewers the latest medical news, procedures and technologies allowing them to make informed decisions for better health. DrTV airs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. DrTV has already signed affiliation agreements in 93 markets with almost 30 million homes covered.

“It’s an honor to create programming that tells in-depth stories promoting health and wellness in our region,” states Ashley Russo, creator and executive producer of The PEAK TV, “the ability to share those stories nationwide is more than we could have imagined!”

More information including programming guide and schedule is available at Viewers can watch The PEAK TV on DrTV Mondays at 3:30 PM, on WFMZ, Channel 69 Sundays at 6:30 PM, or view past episodes anytime at

About The PEAK TV

The PEAK TV, produced by ASR Media Productions in Bethlehem, PA. Sponsors include St. Luke’s University Health Network, Capital BlueCross, The United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, PPL, City Center of the Lehigh Valley, and Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.

About the Co-Hosts

Ash and Mike Arts Walk 2Ashley Russo, the Emmy® award winning executive producer, creator and co-host of The PEAK TV

Ashley Russo, President of ASR Media Productions has worked in television and as a media consultant for almost 20 years. Ashley has created The PEAK TV, a thirty-minute regional newsmagazine focusing on health, wellness, lifestyle and community; Roey’s Paintbox, an arts education series for PBS 39; Sweat Effect- Larry Holmes’ Road to Recovery; as well as commercial and corporate videos. Her career began as the news director at WNYU 89.1FM while an undergraduate at New York University. Upon graduation, Ashley began as a producer for NBC’s Today Show – Weekend Edition where she worked on breaking news stories, as well as fitness, health, cooking, and lifestyle segments. In 2001, she began Ashley Renna Productions, where she wrote, produced, and hosted “Ounce of Prevention,” daily health segments airing worldwide on The Weather Channel. Ashley’s philanthropic nature lead her to create The PEAK TV because she believes good stories bring new partners and grows a community invested in the success of the region.

Mike Mittman, co-host of The Peak TV

Mike Mittman, nationally known radio and TV host, is a familiar face to Lehigh Valley television viewers. In addition to co-hosting The Peak TV, he currently hosts the syndicated television talk show “Larry Holmes presents… What The Heck Were They Thinking?!.” on Service Electric TV2.  Coined “The Pied Piper of the Baby Boomers,” Mike is the host for Night of Legends, the world’s first ever World-Wide Televised Oldies Spectacular airing in over 27 countries on Pay-Per-View. Additionally, “Mike Mittman’s Wake Up Club” can be heard weekends on Clear Channel Radio AM 1470, and has worked for some of the East Coast’s largest radio stations. Mike’s been affiliated with professional boxing for a long time, announcing fights for HBO, Showtime, Forum Boxing Inc., and many independent networks, plus several world-wide pay-per-view events. About ASR Media Productions

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For more information, contact Maggie Prorok, Prorok Communications (610.216.5834)


The early winter months of 2014 not only mean the Texas Forestry Association has reached its 100th year as the voice of forestry, it also means that the time to plant seedlings has come.

As the current planting season begins, growers are prepared to supply the East Texas region with both bare root and container-grown trees, including loblolly, slash and longleaf pine. Numbers of trees for the 2013-14 growing season are at 61.9 million bare root and 1.8 million containerized. With these numbers, 30 trees will be planted for every East Texan.

Tree plantingThis planting season looks to be promising, with enough wet and mild weather to accommodate planting the seedlings. “Right now, the roots are dormant,” said Ron Hufford, executive director for TFA. “We plant trees now because, really, they are dormant at this time. You want them in their new home by the time spring comes before they start to bud or leaf out.”

During the 2012-13 growing season, the number of bare root trees sold by regional companies reached approximately 79.3 million. Those grown in containers climbed to 1.9 million. The increase in numbers sold could be related to the droughts and wildfires in 2011.

“East Texans’ efforts to replant following the catastrophic drought and wildfires of 2011 has been successful and continues on through this winter,” said Justin Penick of Acorn Forestry. “Replanting of our East Texas forests is crucial to the continued success of our economy as well as the health and vigor of our forest ecosystems and the wildlife it contains.”

For more information on availability and types of trees, as well as prices, please visit the updated TFA website at for a list of growers.

Texas Forestry Association, the voice for forestry for 100 years, promotes an economic, social and political climate that will advance forestry in Texas through education, political action and public relations, as well as serving the broad needs of the forest resource of landowners, producers and consumers, and to enhance and perpetuate the Texas forest resource.


For more information on this story or to schedule an interview, please contact Susan Stutts at 936-632-8733 or by email at



For more information, Contact Lee Miller, 1-877-537-8780 ext. 21


December 26, 2013/Tampa Florida – Doctor Television Channel (DrTV) has begun signing affiliates for the official network launch on January 6, 2014.  DrTV recently began operations as an over-the-air broadcast television network that brings viewers the latest in medical news, entertainment and medicine with a variety of stories on healthy lifestyles, proper eating, and living longer.

DrTV airs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  The distinctive structure of the network allows DrTV affiliates to partner with local hospitals, medical schools and health organizations, becoming fully integrated into the health issues of their community.

According to Jim West, president of DrTV, the network is different from other medical related networks, “Doctor Television Channel is committed to offering medical programming by medical professionals. This is a standard that truly makes the network unique in the marketplace.”

Pre-launch, DrTV has already signed affiliation agreements in 93 markets with almost 30 million homes covered.  DTV America Corporation of Sunrise, FL, is the largest affiliate group with 68 TV markets.

John Kyle, CEO of DTV America said, “We are very excited to add DrTV Channel to our programming line-up. DrTV allows us to build partnerships with local medical professionals so that together we can reach consumers with targeted health initiatives and community programs, through the power of broadcast television.”

DrTV’s signature weekly feature, DrTV News, offers incisive video segments from trusted medical sources such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Mayo Clinic, Swedish Seattle, Tampa General/USF Medical School, and UF Health Shands. Its broad spectrum gives viewers the latest medical news, procedures, and technologies, which allows them to make informed decisions for better health

More information including programming guide and schedule with a more in-depth look at the exciting shows to be found on DrTV is available on the web at .

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Louis Libin Tapped to be New Executive Director at ATBA

Washington, DC / December 16, 2013 — The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) is pleased to announce the selection of Louis Libin as Executive Director.

Libin comes to the ATBA from New York, where he has been an expert advisor to television stations and equipment manufacturers in the development of advanced television and mobile strategies and implementation, both in the U.S and internationally, Experienced in television management, business and strategic development, Libin is the former director of engineering, and CTO of NBC where his responsibilities included transmission, distribution and licensing. At NBC, Libin oversaw several key initiatives including the conversion to KU, the conversion to DTV and new station expansion.

Libin has a strong background in television station operations and management that goes back over 20 years. Post-NBC, Libin served as president of Broad Comm, primarily a television station consulting company. At Broad Comm, Libin initiated successful full power and low power initiatives including the Rule Making for DTV Utah, eight station full power initiatives combined with scores of low power stations.

Libin’s experience is not limited to administration. He began his work in the technology and science side of the business studying optical electronics and High Speed Videography under Professor Harold “Doc” Edgerton at MIT, leading Libin to an industry career collecting patents relating to broadcast spectrum and new wireless technologies. Libin has been the U.S. spokesman for broadcasting systems including interactivity at the ITU in Geneva. Libin is also involved with various charitable and non-profit organizations and serves on the board of various technology companies.

“We are delighted to be bringing Louis on board at this time,” said ATBA Board Chairman Rod Payne. “We conducted a nation-wide search and we are pleased to be able to bring someone of Louis’s caliber to represent broadcasters in Washington, DC. He brings a great combination of skills and background to the ATBA, and we couldn’t be happier with our selection.”

“Washington, DC is the Capital City, and it deserves a capital level alliance to champion for all US stations, and provide them all with a voice,” said Libin. “What really attracted me to this position was the tremendous diversity of the station world and the opportunity to help bring a first-class 21st Century broadcast policy to the American citizens. The ATBA has an outstanding record of service to the broadcast community and I look forward to building on that.”

Libin said his vision for the ATBA is rooted in the belief that technological change has created possibilities that would have seemed far-fetched when the broadcast industry was in its infancy and that broadcasters of every size should be allowed to fully use the spectrum they have used for so long in serving U.S. viewers.

“We’re living in a multi-platform multi-media on-demand world,” Libin continues. “The ATBA, by protecting the diversity represented by all broadcast stations, is adjusting to that. This is all about preserving low power, translator and high power broadcast services. Broadcast television will remain the anchor no matter which direction all the new wireless technologies go. I see the ATBA expanding further the local broadcasting opportunities to best serve the public.”

Despite the rapid pace of change, Libin believes that the mission of community broadcast television remains the same. “It is about telling the story of a community and helping make that possible for our diverse local audiences. At the heart it’s about each local community telling its own story. I see the ATBA at the forefront of that effort in the U.S.”

“The Alliance has been actively working for over a year with Congressional Leadership to put forth language to protect LPTV.  Louis Libin is the perfect person to further this process as well as strengthen our relationships with the NAB, NRB, NTA and the FCC,” says ATBA Communications Director Lee Miller. “Louis Libin has all of the essential skills to further the process as well as strengthen our relationship with industry stakeholders.”

ATBA is currently advocating for preserving and promoting the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum.

“It is important that the ATBA message gets heard ‘through the noise,’ and be well funded,” says Libin. “All sizes of operators, including low-power operators, need a voice to let Washington know of the importance of the vibrant, important broadcast television industry. Television operators of all sizes play a vital role in America’s media industry today and need to be heard.”

Libin will assume the reins at the ATBA effective immediately.


The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance is an industry organization comprised of low power television broadcasters, translators, full power television broadcasters, networks and allied industry organizations and companies.  The goal of the Alliance is to preserve and promote the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum. Visit for more information and to join.



For more information, contact Lee Miller, or (877) 832-3739. Louis Libin photo is available at this link:

Select Games from High School Tournament of Champions to be Broadcast

November 26, 2013 – GPS-TV and MSG-TV will broadcast select games from the Coventry Health Tournament of Champions Basketball Tournament from Illinois beginning November 27, 2013 at 7:00 pm.  GPS-TV will air the games live on GPS-TV Impact Channel 20 in Peoria.  MSG-TV will offer the games via Pay-per-View on the web at

One of the top three high school basketball tournaments in the nation, teams from around the country will be in the Peoria area for four days of play during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The event website is

The following games will be broadcast. All times are Central Time.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013




Friday, November 29, 2013





Below is a synopsis of the teams.

NORTH CHICAGO WARHAWKS, NORTH CHICAGO, IL.: The Warhawks finished last season with a 28-4 record and are rated as one of the elite teams in the state of Illinois. The Warhawks averaged nearly 80 points per game last season and were led by a trio of high-flying contributors in: 6’3” Sr. JaVairius Amos-Mays (18.2 ppg), 6’4” Sr. JayQuan McCloud (16.9 ppg) and 6’7” Sr. Kurt Hall (16.6 ppg- 9.2 rpg). Amos-Mays is the slashing ball handler of the trio, Mc Cloud is the shooter and Hall is the enforcer, but there are several common denominators to the “Big Three” and their respective games. The “Big Three” are all Division I prospects who have a nose for the rim, and an exciting unselfish style of play. The Warhawks will also boast a solid group of backcourt contributors vying for playing time this season. 5’10” Sr. Arnold Shead, 6’0’ Sr. Joseph Thomas, 6’0” Jr. Jamero Shelton and 5’6” So. Marreon White will be fun to watch in the high-powered offensive sets of North Chicago. Depth at the wing position will be provided by the vastly improved 6’5” Jr. Cortez Zinnerman-Dixon.

WASHINGTON PANTHERS, WASHINGTON, IL .: The Panthers are the defending City of Washington Champions and are eager to the exciting new challenges of this year’s upcoming event. The Panthers lost seven talented seniors from last season’s 28-2 squad, but are looking forward to the reloading process as Coach Kevin Brown creates a new rotation with a high-energy roster. All-Time ToC performer Alec Peters is now filling up the buckets at Valparaiso, but the nets in Washington’s gym will be singing just the same in 2013-2014. The Panthers will return two key players from last year’s tremendous squad. 6’0” Sr. Casey Danley and 6’6” Sr. Connor Schone will provide energy, leadership and plenty of hoops for the Panthers. The two-sport star, Danley missed most of last season with a shoulder injury. The Panthers will possess several 3-point shooting threats in 5’8” Sr. Chet Griffith, 5’10” Jr. Cole Cook, 6’0” Jr. Jake Miller and 6’4” Jr. Chris Stephens. 5’8” So. Lou Griffith will be handed the keys to drive this souped-up scoring machine. Griffith is one of many sophomores and freshmen that will be looked upon for assistance throughout the upcoming season for Coach Brown- another top prospect is 5’9” Fr. Devin Whitelow.

PARKVIEW BAPTIST EAGLES, BATON ROUGE, LA.: The Eagles return their top three starters from last season’s “Elite 8” finish in Louisiana. 6’9” Sr. James Thompson (21 ppg- 13 rpg) is a load inside for the Eagles. He is an athletic 4-man who scores and rebounds above the rim. The high-flying Thompson has already been offered scholarships by LSU, Kansas State, Memphis, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas A&M. Running the point for the Eagles will be 6’3” Sr. William Jones (11 ppg- 6 apg). Jones is rated as one of the elite athletes in Louisiana and is known for his high-wire dunks in transition. He is an underrated scorer who is receiving several serious looks from DI schools across the country. The Eagles top perimeter shooter is 6’2” Sr. Reed Vial who averaged 14 points per game last season. Vial is an elusive 2-guard who can knock down the long distance jumper, or sneak past defenders with slick drives to the hoop. 6’3” Jr. Anthony Stove and 6’2” Sr. Matthew Starkey will supply additional scoring from the perimeter for Parkview Baptist.

PROVISO EAST PIRATES, MAYWOOD, IL .: The 2011 City of Washington Champion- Proviso East Pirates returns to the ToC after a one-year departure, and they are looking to capture their 2nd title in three years. The Pirates finished last season with a 30-5 record and a final four finish in the 2013 Illinois 4A state tournament. Leading the charge for Proviso East this year will be 6’2” Sr. Jevon Carter (16 ppg) a three-year starter for Pirates. Carter has already received a ton of DI offers for his slick PG performances over the past year. 6’3” Jr. Kalin Fisher and 5’10” Sr. Malik Carter will also add firepower to the Pirates’ backcourt. Fisher is already being talked about as one of the elite Illinois guards in the 2015 class. 6’10” Sr. Detalion Jackson will hold down the fort inside, while 6’0” Sr. O’Shea Miller and 6’5” Sr. Josh Funderwhite will provide perimeter scoring for the Pirates. Proviso East is coached by former NBA and Pirate star- Donnie Boyce.

La LUMIERE SCHOOL LAKERS, LA PORTE, IN .: The Lakers return to the ToC! And now that the Team Works National Classic is back on board, fans of the ToC will be able to watch the talent of La Lumiere School for three games in this year’s event. The Lakers will return three big time talents from last year’s 25-5 squad that participated in ESPN’s RISE National High School Tournament. 6’7” Sr. Sam Logwood (20 ppg) and 6’1” Jr. Munis Tutu will bring back their basketball skills for another year in La Porte. Logwood was the Lakers leading scorer last season, and an absolute dunk show in last year’s ToC. Logwood has committed to the Auburn Tigers, while Tutu is receiving major collegiate offers from big-time DI schools across the country. But the Lakers talent does not stop there! Highly rated junior guards- 6’3” Jalen Coleman, 6’2″ Jr. Drew Cayce and 6’3” Jo Jo Anderson will join Tutu in the La Lumiere backcourt. 6’10” Jr. Alex Olesinski and 6’11” So. Majok Kur will be the offensive focal points in the paint for the Lakers, while 6’7” Jr. Joseph Toye and 6’7” Sr. Sadiq Inuwa will handle the wing work for the Lakers.

SUNRISE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY BUFFALOES, BEL AIRE, KS .: The Buffaloes finished last season with an astounding 26-1 record, but Sunrise’s three returning starters are not even close to being satisfied. The Buffaloes goal is to go undefeated in 2013-2014, and with 5’10” Sr. Lourawls Nairn (16 ppg- 9 apg) pushing the ball into action, this squad from Kansas has a real solid chance in completing the task. Nairn is one of the top ranked PG’s in the nation and has committed to the Michigan State. 6’6” Sr. Nathan Bain (18 ppg), 6’8” Sr. Keanu Pinder and 6’7” Sr. Travis Munnings are three athletic swing forwards who are also receiving heavy interest from DI schools across the nation. 6’10” Jr. Dusan Kovacevic, 6’9” Sr. Moataz Hosny and 6’11” Sr. Ruben Guerrero will post up down low for the Buffaloes. Guerrero is rated as one of the top teenage big-men in Europe! The Buffaloes will look to three “Sophomore Sensations” Jerry Myles (6’5” SG) who is rated as a “Top 50” player in the 2016 class, 6’5” Swingman Sebastian Gray and 5’10” So. Roman Young.

BONNEVILLE BEES, IDAHO FALLS, ID .: Bonneville will be one of the first teams from the great state of Idaho to ever play in a Nationally Ranked High School Tournament. The Bees will return all five of their starters from a 19-5 season a year ago. 6’5” Sr. Jared Stutzman (18 ppg) is the top returnee for the Bees. Stutzman is a flat-out shooter from beyond the arc and has spurned offers from several Pac-12 schools to commit to the University of San Francisco. 6’4” Jr. Schareek “Telly” Davenport (12 ppg) is an athletic combo-guard who is being wooed by several mid-major DI programs. 6’4” Kohl Hostert (8 ppg) is a heady player who wears many hats on the court for the Bees. Hostert has already committed to the University of Oregon for baseball. 6’0” Sr. Scott Simmons (8 ppg) and 5’11” Sr. Tanner Smith also return for the Bees.

CAPITAL CHRISTIAN COUGARS, SACRAMENTO, CA .: The Cougars will be the first team from California to grace the floor at Washington High School. After finishing last season with a 26-5 record, the Cougars will enter the ToC with five returning starters ready to claim the Uftring Auto Group Title. Leading the way for the Cougars will be 6’9” Sr. D.J. Wilson (18 ppg) an athletic wing-man who has grown 7 inches in the past year. Wilson’s growth spurt is reminiscent to another top notch basketball player’s overnight height and skills development- Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. Wilson can do it all from the perimeter and can now block shots on the defensive end. Wilson has made a commitment to the Michigan Wolverines. The Cougars also return their high-soaring Combo-Guard, 6’0” Sr. Uchenna Iroegbu (15 ppg- 7 apg) who is being recruited by several DI progams, and 6’0” Sr. Tyler Jennings the floor general of the team. The Cougars have another tower of power in the lane, with 6’6” (275 lb.) Sr. Nifae Lealao (12 ppg- 11 rpg) who is one of the top football recruits in the nation! 6’2” So. Tiegen Jones and 6’3” So. Ryan Chappell are ready to burst on the national recruiting scene as well for the Cougars. 5’10” Jr. Justice Shelton-Mosley, 6’5” Sr. Tyler Schimpf (committed to the University of Texas for baseball) and 6’6” Jr. Nick Aibuedefe will score some serious buckets off the bench for the Cougars.

SPRINGFIELD SENATORS, SPRINGFIELD, IL .: The Senators suffered through a rough season a year ago, but Coach Matt Reed is confident in the development of five young men who were forced into action as youngsters, last season. 6’8” Jr. Obediah Church is a high-energy big man, who continues to improve every time he takes the floor. Church is long and athletic and is quickly becoming a shot blocking force in the paint for the Senators. Church shows huge glimpses of Division I possibilities as his body and game continue to grow. 5’9” So. Isaac Nelson and 6’0” So. Keon Day will continue to improve as their bodies mature. The two guards are quick off the dribble and each have a nose for getting to the bucket off the dribble drive. 5’7” Jr. Taivon Kincaid is a lightning bolt in the open court and a menace on the defensive end with his quick feet and hands. 5’10” Jr. Javoun Watters and 6’0” Jr. Tyrin Whitfield will add depth to the Senators’ backcourt.



For more information, contact Lee Miller at 877-537-8780 ext. 21 or by email at

Harmony Hill Baptist Church to Celebrate One Hundred Years

Harmony Hill Baptist Church of Lufkin will celebrate 100 years of service to the community this Sunday, November 10, 2013 with a Celebration Service at the Lufkin Pitser Garrison Convention Center beginning at 10am. The event is open to the public.


In 1913, a group of believers gathered under a brush arbor in the Harmony Hill community on land donated by then Southern Pine Lumber Company.  Later that year, three congregations shared a building on the property that had electricity, wood heat, an outhouse and a piano.

As time moved on, one congregation was still using the building in 1942. Under the direction of Pastor Westmoreland, First Baptist Church of Harmony Hill gained sole possession of the building and land. In the years that followed, many changes came to this small building. By 1945, there had been an increase in membership, a switch from wood to butane heat, added more lights and the first Christmas program was held.

The parsonage was finished in 1951 and included a telephone and a tin cistern. Baptism services were postponed until the weather warmed to use a parishioner’s pond. In 1952, the first missions’ project went underground. The congregation planted an acre of sweet potatoes to support the new Baptist church in town.

By the end of the 1950s, the congregation had joined the North American Baptist Association, replaced the old sign with a new wooden one by the road, a sidewalk was added and plans drawn for a 425-seat auditorium. Church members would do as much of the construction work as possible, allowing them to afford air conditioning in the new auditorium.

The 60’s and 70’s could be summed up in one word: growth.  It must have been a fast growth because the minutes from 1965 include a motion for an adding machine with heavy emphasis on the fact that it must BOTH add AND subtract. Air conditioning was added to the education wing, the parsonage finally got its den and the District Foreign Missions Rally was held. Each member was to bring one dollar in hopes of raising $1,000. Guest Speakers for the rally included Z. T. Rankin, missionary to Japan; John Elliot, missionary to Brazil; and W. L. Burgess and Craig Branham from the missions’ office.

In 1972, the new education wing had been added, repairs were made to existing structures and the junior choir was started. John Greene was elected pastor.

In just five years, the church had tripled its membership to 300. The close of 1979 brought a new electric sign, the groundbreaking on that 425-seat auditorium with a media library and remodeling of the education wing and present fellowship hall. Bonds were sold to help cover the cost of the new building, and sold over $140,000 in just three days.

The foundation of such growth and dedication through 100 years of change has been carried from those first six documented members to this current body. It is the legacy each pastor, music minister, deacon and parishioner passed on, one we carry still today.  “Jesus Christ-the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)


Harmony Hill today offers two services every weekend with a choice of a contemporary or a more traditional approach to the worship of God, and in both services you will have a presentation of the ageless truths of the Bible in a manner that you can understand. At 9:00am, we offer a blended style of worship, which includes a choir and orchestra singing and playing classic hymns as well as some worship anthems. At 10:45am, we offer a contemporary style of music, where the worship bands plays current songs from today’s artists, such as Chris Tomlin and Hillsong.

During the week, a multitude of Life Groups that connect individuals and couples for meaningful friendships are available for all age groups. Also offered are opportunities for preschoolers, children and students to grow in their walk with God and interact with others!

Located at 2708 S Chestnut St in Lufkin, Harmony Hill is where people come to life, and you can too!



For more information, contact Lee Miller at 936-674-5912. Photos and Video are available.  Senior Pastor John Greene is also available for interviews.


DTVCast Announces Technological Innovation to Deliver Broadband Internet by Television Broadcasters

DTVCast-Logo_topSunrise, Florida – DTVCast Corporation CEO John Kyle today announced the launch of a new revolutionary product that delivers broadband Internet by television broadcasters called DTVCast REACH. This technological advancement will allow for the availability of broadband services to an estimated 14 to 24 million Americans that currently do not have access to high speed Internet connectivity in rural America.

“We’re excited to roll out the first phase of DTVCast as an available solution for ‘last mile’ broadband Internet service,” says Kyle.  “Our technology has been operational by our daily beta users for a year and in testing for over two years. Unlike many future solutions, this product works within current TV broadcast standards, wireless and wired-line infrastructures. The goal of widespread rural deployment can be reached with our solution today.”

Unlike technologies that are still many years from deployment, DTVCast takes advantage of billions of dollars in infrastructure already in place including broadcast towers, transmitters and facilities.  The DTVCast system works within the current UHF Television ATSC 1.0 broadcast standard and will be easily updated as new standards become available such as the recently announced ATSC 3.0.

The prospects for near-term broadband services in rural regions has been bleak even as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues to relax funding rules for the programs that serve rural communities where broadband service is least likely to be available.

According to Jeff Leslie, president of ITS Telecom in Indiantown Florida, “In the rural areas of our community that we serve as a telecom company, it is cost prohibitive to run new fiber and infrastructure to serve only a handful of homes or businesses. This technology gives us a viable solution that could be a game changer for our rural community members.”

DTVCast REACH delivers the technology to provide rapid deployment of broadband Internet services to homes and businesses located beyond current broadband system infrastructures. The expense and time of building new infrastructure to handle rural regions is no longer an issue.

“From my perspective of seeing many leading edge IP technologies deployed from my years at Cisco, this is one of the most dynamic product designs I have had the opportunity to participate in,” says Bert Garriga, Senior Vice President of Technology for DTVCast. “This broadens the reach of high speed Internet services to any one that can view a TV signal using our technology. DTVCast is uniquely situated as a technological bridge between the TV Broadcast and Telco markets – two longstanding massive communications industries which have traditionally not interacted.”

DTVCast REACH is the first product in a series of related technologies that will allow broadcast television stations to deliver Internet content as an ancillary service in addition to their traditional broadcast television channel.


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State Representative James White Criticizes Holder and Sensenbrenner for Going after Texas

White-4437 finishedAugust 16, 2013- (MSGPR) State Representative James White (R-Hillister) recently sent a letter to Republican Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner criticizing him for supporting Attorney General Eric Holder’s move to put Texas back under the Section 5 preclearance requirements of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) after the Supreme Court struck down procedures in Section 4 that determine which states are subject to these requirements. Instead of encouraging Congress to update those procedures, as the Supreme Court directed, Holder is opting to use the “bail-in” provision of Section 3, which allows the federal government to apply the preclearance requirements to states where there are allegations of intentional discrimination. Representative White deplored this politicization of the judicial system.

“Holder’s decision to attack Texas’s laws is a violation of its sovereignty and the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” White said. “Instead of suing Texas, Holder should investigate harassment by the IRS toward groups that provide an opportunity for people to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.”

White questioned Sensenbrenner’s inconsistent advocacy of Holder’s attempt to apply the VRA to Texas. “Why are you advocating the targeted enforcement of a provision of this law without suggesting that same level of scrutiny apply to your home state?”

He noted that the Supreme Court did not throw out the VRA in its entirety but sent it back to Congress for it to update the procedures that determine which states should be subject to Section 5 preclearance. White continued, “Instead of aiding and abetting political harassment from the Holder Justice Department, it seems to me your focus should be on improving the VRA and ensuring that voters in Wisconsin have the optimum access to the ballot box.”

White shared compelling data to demonstrate that the Justice Department’s tactics are misguided and overtly political. In 2012, the national black voter turnout rate was higher than the white voter turnout rate. The Southern states primarily targeted with VRA preclearance have seen increases in minority voter registration levels, election turnout rates, and representation among elected officials since the enactment of the VRA, and these figures are on par with other regions of the country.

White explained, “These facts raise serious doubts about the validity of allegations of intentional discrimination by states like Texas toward minorities.”

White acknowledged that the VRA is a successful piece of social policy because it focused on expanding individual liberty.

“I stand proudly on the shoulders of those before me that fought for this precious right,” White said. “However, the recent application of the VRA has interfered with 10th Amendment rights. Instead of promoting the popular will of all the people, politicos have gamed the system for partisan gain.”

The Court did not ditch the VRA, it just told Congress to fix it. “Please,” White asked Sensenbrenner, “refrain from supporting this politicized Justice Department’s obstruction of the voting process. I urge you to go to work to reform this great piece of legislation that protects all voters from sea to shining sea and ensure that the march for individual liberty continues throughout this next great American century.”

Representative White is a Member of the Texas House of Representatives on behalf of District 19, composed of Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, and Hardin counties. He serves on the Agriculture and Livestock Committee, and he is the Vice-Chairman of the Corrections Committee.


For more information, contact James White at (512) 463-0490. Letter from Rep. James White (8-15-13)

Texas Representative James White Named Top Rated Conservative in Texas House

July 29, 2013 (MSGPR)  Texas Eagle Forum is pleased to announce that Rep. James White has earned a top conservative rating in the Texas House. Rep. White cast consistently conservative votes throughout the 83rd Texas Legislative Session and both Special Sessions.

Rep. White is a courageous defender of:

  • our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms,
  • smaller government benefiting every taxpayer,
  • integrity at the ballot box,
  • a great education for every child,
  • human life, both born and pre-born and
  • more.

“Rep. James White is a friend of conservatives on both fiscal and social issues. His conservative voting record sends a strong message to his constituents that he is in Austin to faithfully serve them,” stated Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum. “Rep. White’s upright character and integrity will provide him and his constituents a very bright future.”


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